What is ‘Dream About Stars’?

A few people have asked me what exactly is Dream About Stars. Well, as well as my domain name and basically my brand, it is also the name of a story, animation, comic, and social media posts I had developed a while back. So, in short, it is a lot of things!

The Background

Dream About Stars is a pet project of mine which I developed when I was in my first year of university. It’s a little difficult to explain but long story short, I had wanted to learn about Illustrator (would you believe they never really taught me at university?!) so I bought a Lynda.com subscription and took some courses. I used the techniques I had learnt to draw a few cartoony characters. One of the random illustrations I made really stood out to me, which was of a boy finding a cutesy star. You can see the original illustration in the showcase below. I thought I could develop a cute story to go alongside these two characters, and that is basically how Dream About Stars started. Growing up, I absolutely adored astronomy so it is no wonder I wanted to make a project related to it. My bedroom is completely filled with books about astronomy, stargazing, history of physics, exoplanets, etc. and I guess the purpose of Dream About Stars was to spread my love of astronomy to the world through these 2 characters.

I came up with the name after much thought as I think it represents who I am. I am a huge stargazer, and I also consider myself to be a huge dreamer. People who are interested in the night sky are generally dreamers, after all! You read about all the astronauts, cosmonauts, and engineers of the Space Race era who were dreamers before they were heroes: Yuri Gagarin, Wernher von Braun, Neil Armstrong, Sergei Korolev, just to name a few. Whilst I probably won’t have as large an impact on history as these people, I’m sure everyone starts somewhere. 

The Idea

The story is simple – an alien shaped as a star crashes into the garden of a young boy and they have many adventures together and learning about the night sky. It was developed to mix all my interested into one project (stargazing, Victorian history, and British peerage). I researched a lot into Victorian culture and children’s clothing, basing the boy’s designs on Little Lord Fauntleroy imagery. It took a long time, but I also came up with the perfect names for them: Albert and Fermi!

This is the logo I use for my website and it reflects the cutesy and lighthearted tone of voice of the general story. Is this the image I want for my brand? I actually have no idea, but I am interested in developing this further when I have the time.


The original premise was that Albert, being bored of his noble lifestyle, is encouraged by his starry friend to leave the house to play with the other children in the neighbourhood. Being of nobility meant that he would have to dress up as one of the poor to blend in but he ended up making a lot of friends and having lots of fun. When his parents found out, he was basically kept under house arrest, so Fermi would often encourage him to explore the night sky from his bedroom window instead.

This story changed a lot over time; it got very complicated for a simple project intended to just spread my love of astronomy and Victorians to others, so I definitely had to cut it back a little. It was also way too similar to another project I was working on, Infitia, which is another story based on the Victorian era but this time about a young boy who suffers from amnesia (I will create another blog entry to Infitia sometime soon!).

One of the difficulties I’ve had is separating the story from my actual design branding, which is a little bit difficult! The name Dream About Stars was what I came up with for my website domain name and branding first, but I later attached it to Albert and Fermi’s story as it was a perfect fit. Will it change in the future? I’m not too sure myself but once I have invested enough thought and love into it, you will definitely hear an update from me!

(click the image to enlarge!) A few of the character designs I made when exploring Albert’s design. His paperboy cap and check-style scarf care his signature feature.

The Posts

Below are a series of illustrations and posts I created on my Dream About Stars facebook page (now inactive). I made many posts featuring Albert and Fermi to spread awareness of the different happenings in the night sky, and each month I would also dedicate a pinned post on a specific national month awareness.

Unfortunately due to time and other commitments, I couldn’t update the facebook page as much as I’d liked and so it is now very inactive. However, Dream About Stars in itself is still very much alive!! I am planning a lot of things for it, particularly a few cute animated shorts using After Effects, so hopefully you won’t be seeing the last of Albert and Fermi in the future. But for now, please enjoy the illustrations and social media posts I made for them previously. (: